31 Best Trader Joe’s Fall Snacks to Stuff in Your Basket ASAP TEST

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Deep breath: We’re entering fall, y’all! The chaotic, exciting, autumnal frenzy where we throw gourds onto everything, wrap ourselves in sweaters, and dash between football fields and apple orchards and maybe a haunted house or two. To keep up your spirits (and your energy), you’ll need snacks. Lots of them.

And no one knows how to celebrate the harvest like fan-favorite Trader Joe’s. Their latest Fearless Flyer boasts a cornucopia of pumpkin-everything, apples galore, and warm caramel creations—all in bite-size, speedy-sustenance form. We’ve gathered our favorite season’s eatings below:

This 15-ingredient soup is made with good, flavorful ingredients (pumpkin purée, butternut squash, honey, brown sugar, and apple cider vinegar to name a few). Each container serves 2.5, but I’ll turn a blind eye if you eat the entire container in one sitting. On second thought, I’ll do the same.