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How to be Smashing

smash·ing | \ ˈsma-shiŋ \
[adjective] British Informal
excellent; wonderful.
You look smashing!”

Finding a single word that could sum up the ideas behind Coach Bassie wasn’t the easiest thing. There was a short list, most of them were shit (peachy was on it, and I still don’t know how it got on there). The one that stood out was smashing because of the double meaning.

Smashing as a verb means, to break something, or if you want to got the philosophical way: move so as to hit or collide with something with great force and impact. And that sounds as something I’d be striving for as your coach. To make an impact on you, and to smash toxic diet culture myths that are utterly useless, yet can be found plastered on the cover of any magazine or “health/wellness” blog. Each mont a new new ground braking discovery, non will shake your world, non will make you lose weight long term, all are repacked variants of the age old calorie counting.

Smashing as an adjective in Informal British has a complete different meaning: really good or wonderful. And wouldn’t that just be smashing, that this website can make your life be a bit better. Smashing is a state of mind. And that doesn’t mean I am going to pretend life will be all glitters and rainbows. Cause life is not perfect, and I don’t want you to be perfect. You can’t be amazing at everything all the time, there will be days that you will feel shit, or behave like a little shit. And that’s oke. The quicker you realise this, the better you’ll life will be. And I am the first to admit it that sometimes I am a shitty friend or person, having a shitty day. But I give it my best, and and I try to be smashing.

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